ServoGearW400 – servo & worm gearbox with built in driver – 400W


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Integrated Servo,  gearbox & controller system, designed & assembled in New Zealand by Palmer Automation.  (that’s us!)

  • 400W 48v DC (can run at 24v but lowers wattage)
  • Gearbox ratio is 10:1 but can be customized
  • Mounts to 25mm shaft.
  • Can provide torque arm on request


  • 400W servo with build in driver,  can be programed, for example to ramp up and travel a certain distance and ramp down when one of the inputs are triggered.   Can also can be programmed to home and perform multiple tasks with the inbuilt driver.    see the servo manual for more information.  It can also be run via pulse / dir.  (tell us what you need)
  • Industrial connectors
  • Built in cooling system, operates only when needed.
  • 24v to 48V motor power input will still result in 24v signals outputs for PLC inputs. for example fault signal.   This means 48V motor power only needs to be wired saving time & cables.