DM2282 – Stepper diver – 8.2A – 230v supply voltage


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The DM2282 is a high voltage, versatility fully digital stepping driver based on a DSP with advanced control algorithm.  It brings a unique level of system smoothness, providing optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability. Motor self-test and parameter auto-configuration technology offers optimum responses with different motors and easy-to-use. The driven motors can run with much smaller noise, lower heating, smoother movement than most of the drivers on the markets. Its unique features make the DM2282 an ideal solution for applications that require low-speed smoothness.

● Step & direction (PUL/DIR) or CW/CCW (double pulse) control

● 150-230 VAC supply voltage

● 200 KHz max pulse input frequency

● 16 microstep resolutions of 200-25,600 via DIP switches, or 200-51,200 via software

● 8 output current settings of 1.4-8.2A via DIP Switches, or 0.5-8.2A via software

● Configurable control command smoothing for reducing motor vibration

User manual:  DM2282