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The EM-S series stepper drives from Leadshine offer superior performance and exceptional high reliability. Based on Leadshine’s 20+ years’  experience in stepper motor control, they adopt the latest control technology and are ideal for modern machine manufactures. Not only inheriting features of smooth motion, low noise, low heating, etc. from past Leadshine stepper drives, they also offer new functions and features such as improved torque in all speed ranges, fault output, brake control, pulse command

● Step & direction (PUL/DIR) or CW/CCW (double pulse) control

● 18-36VDC supply voltage

● 70 KHz max pulse input frequency

● 8 micro step settings of 200-25,600 via DIP switches, or 200-51,200 via software (increase by 200)

● 8 output current settings of 0.3 – 1.5A via DIP Switches, or via software(increase by 0.1)

● Configurable control command smoothing for reducing motor vibration