We offer a full electrical control cabinet design & build service.

We can assess your control needs and create the ideal control system, from simple to very complex. Reliability is key and we build this into everything we make, every terminal block, fuse and bootlace is considered . We will even design & build custom cabinets from stainless steel, made to fit the location or machine perfectly. We often install plug assemblies for simple commissioning & time saving. We provide wiring diagrams, labelled wires, safety systems, plugs.. everything. We are happy to be one piece of the big picture, for example upgrading control systems on an existing machine, sometimes it takes a big team!

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We provide a complete control cabinet design & build service.

  • Process control cabinets
  • SCADA control cabinets
  • Machine control cabinets
  • Field cabinets
  • Operator HMI control stations
  • Safety System control cabinets.
  • PLC control cabinets
  • MCC’s (master control cabinets)